Gmail sign up-How to create a Gmail Account

Gmail sign up-How to create a Gmail Account
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Have you heard about Gmail? Have you used it to send messages to your friends, your co-workers or your business partners? If you need an online service to optimize your work, Gmail would be a great choice because of the benefits it brings to users: Easy to use, nothing to install, automatic spell checking, easy to add bulk contacts, etc. So what are you waiting for, open an account today!

Following is 5 steps to create a Gmail account:

Gmail sign up - How to create a Gmail account

  1. Visit Create your account following the link:

  2. Fill information required by Gmail in the blank, then click Next.


    Then, Gmail will direct you the next page, you should continue writing your personal information.


  3. After finishing all the necessary information, click Next 


  4. Verify your phone number

    Check your phone number to make sure that it's right, then click "Send"

    Gmail sign up guide


  5. Write the code sent to your phone and click "Verify"

    Create a Gmail account


  6. Read carefully Google’s terms of service and the Gmail privacy policy, then click I Agree





You will be led to your Gmail account immediately. And now, you can use Gmail to send and receive the email to other people.

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