Unmissable Gmail tips and tricks (Part I)

Unmissable Gmail tips and tricks (Part I)
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Do you know these nice Gmail tips and tricks? If you are a loyal user of Gmail who spends a lot of time working on it, one of the biggest online email services, the following tips and tricks will definitely a big help. Try them to save time and look more pro. 

Reply, reply all and forward Gmail emails

  1. Open your Gmail account by entering your Gmail username and password as usual.

  2. Go to the section as usual Inbox in the upper left corner of the screen, right under the Compose button and then select the desired message that you want to reply or forward.

  3. On the right side of the screen, click on the down arrow next to the left arrow and select Reply/Reply allForward

    Or you can choose the second option. 

    Scroll down and choose one of the three options. 

    The reply options you see below your email depend on how many people the email was sent to:

    If the email was only sent to you, you'll see Reply in the reply box below your email. If the email was sent to multiple people, you'll see Reply to all in the reply box below your email. If you only want to respond to the person who sent the message, you can click Reply.

  4. After selecting Reply or Reply all, enter the email text and click on the SEND button. 

    For Forward, enter the recipient's email address and the email text (if necessary) and then click on the SEND button. 

Format a Gmail email

  1. When composing an email, replying or forwarding to an email, you will see a dialog box featuring a menu of formatting icons at the bottom of messages. These icons represent your formatting tools.

    From left to right, the Formatting options are:

    • font
    • size
    • bold
    • italic
    • underline
    • font color
    • align font
    • numbered list
    • bulleted list
    • indent less
    • indent more
    • quote
    • remove formatting

    If you want to change Font style, you blacken the text that you want to change its font, and then in the Toolbar, you click the first option which is displayed as Sans Serif in my example and then choose which style you like. Your options include Narrow, Georgia, Verdana, Wide, Serif, Sans Serif, Comic Sans MS and others. As you can see in the picture below, I change the old style into Georgia:

  2. Then click on the B, I or button to make your text bold, italicized or underlined. 

  3. If you want your text to be numbered or bulleted, blacken the text and then choose the bulleted list button which is next to the numbered list Icon, as pictured below:


  4. Click on the small A icon from the editor menu to pick custom colors. The text color can be changed as well as the background color behind the text. For example, you can make Gmail use a blue background and yellow text.

  5. Click on the Indent icon to move text in and out of the left side of the page. You can even use it with a list to make sub-lists.

  6. Select the Quote icon to make particular text stand out from the rest with a little indentation and vertical bar.

  7. Highlight any text and click this button to remove the custom color, indentations, font, etc.

Hope that with these simple steps, you can better manage your Gmail account. 

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