Managing Settings In Gmail: Changing Language And Time Zone, Password, Username and Profile Picture

Managing Settings In Gmail: Changing Language And Time Zone, Password, Username and Profile Picture
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As a default, Google uses the time zone of your current location. All Google services will be using the same time zone including Gmail. The time zone of your account can be changed based on your preference. The changing of time zone can be handy if you want to organize events and meetings. In this tutorial, I will discuss how to change the time zone in your Gmail account. 

To set your Gmail time zone:

  1. Go to Google Calendar page.
  2. In the Google calendar page, click the Settings gear button at the top right of Google Calendar, scroll down your mouse cursor, choose Settings

    Change Gmail language

  3. There are many options for you, depending on your interest. In the page displaying, you can change Language, Country and Time format. Click the triangular-down arrow to the right of the field you want to make changes.
    Change language and timezone in Gmail

  4. If you want to make changes to your Time zone, scroll down to the next section as pictured below and choose what you want.

    Change language and timezone in Gmail

    5. Gmail will notify you that "Change saved", which means that you don't need to find Save button and click it. Gmail will automatically save changes for you. 


    Follow the six steps below to change your Gmail password.

    1. Sign in your Gmail account
    2.  In the right corner of the page, click your profile picture, then choose My Account.

      Change Gmail password
    3.  In the window My Account, select Signing in to Google under Sign-in & Security.

      Gmail password change
    4. Choose Password. If you see a prompt to sign in again, sign in. 

    5. Verify your current password.
      In this box like the picture below, you write your current password, then click Next. You will be directed to Change password window. 
    6. Enter your new password, then select Change Password.

    Changing Gmail Username feature is an effective tool to help you change your username in case you incidentally put the wrong name during the sign-in process or you want a different name in order for your friends, partners, and relatives to easily realize you. If you are facing problems in changing it, this article is for you. Here are three easy steps to change your username:

    1. In order to change your Gmail username, you first need to sign in your Gmail account where you want to make changes.  

    2. In your Gmail page, click the settings gear in the top-right corner, then select Settings.

    Change Gmail username

    3. In the Settings window, you choose Accounts and Import, then click Edit info which is in the far right of the Send mail as field. A small window where you can change your username into what you want will appear. Type your new displaying name in the box right under the Name field that is presenting your current name, then click Save changes to finish. You can refer to the example picture below:

    Change Gmail username

    So, there are some stages that can help you change your Gmail username easily. From now on, once you are signed in, you will see your Gmail account be displayed in another name, the name that you've changed in your account. So, it is the best to choose a display name which is your real name or familiar nickname in order for other people to easily know the account belongs to you. 


    To change your profile picture:

    1. Sign in to your Gmail account

    2. In the top-right corner of the Gmail page, you will see your profile picture. Click it and choose "Change"

    Change Gmail profile picture

    3. A new box will display, requiring you to select your new photo. You have three choices: Upload photo (photo that you choose from your computer memory), Your photo and Photo of you (Photo that is available on your Gmail account). In my case, I will choose to upload a photo from my computer. Click "Drag a profile photo here" or "Select a photo from your computer"

    Change Gmail profile picture

    4. Options will display for you to choose your favorite photo. You just need to choose one, then click "Open" in the bottom-right corner to upload. 

    5. After uploading, you can adjust picture's size. If you're sure about your choice, please click "Set as profile photo" to save your changes.

    Add Gmail profile photo

    Now, Gmail will automatically direct you to the Gmail host page. You can see your profile picture has been changed!

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