Inbox By Gmail

Inbox By Gmail
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Gmail Inbox (the folder containing emails received) has been expected to facilitate your work and life, but it often hides crucial information and makes some troubles for users. Understanding this issue, in 2014, Google launched an application named Inbox By Gmail, the app that has similar features as Gmail but it has been equipped with more intelligent management ability such as gathering emails together, marking important email's information, etc. Inbox is expected to become the most useful app helping users to organize emails easily and scientifically. It is also anticipated to exist parallel to Gmail, instead of making it disappear forever.

HIGHLIGHT SECTION: You can see the most important emails without opening them. You can book flights, see delivery information of goods and preview your friend's pictures.

GROUP: Similar emails will be put into a certain group so you can handle all of them at the same time. Simultaneously, you can remove them just by a mouse scroll.

REMINDERS: Not only applying to emails, Inbox by Gmail now also offer you to add reminders in order for your Inbox to contain all of the must-see things. 

TEMPORARY HIDING: You can temporarily hide emails or reminders until you have time to handle them, next week or whenever you come back to your home, for example, depending on your choice.

SEARCH: Inbox by Gmail helps you to find exactly what you need without going through all the email information. 


  • With Undo Send - just like "Undo Send" in Gmail lab, with Inbox, you may stop sending an email right after sending in case you spotted a mistake, or have second thoughts.
    If you'd rather get rid of messages, you can make ‘Delete’ the default swiping action.
    If you want to personalize your sent messages, you can now add a custom signature.
  • Inbox on Mobile

In fact, beside Gmail app on mobile devices (iOS/Android), Inbox app is also available on mobile devices.


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